Young Master do you mean it? Do you really want me to forget you completely? Do you really want me to be someone else’s? Please tell me that you won’t regret it. That you really mean what you said… that you really want me to leave you.

Yes, I mean it. 

Aug 2 +64

"To feel love again, you only need one moment, friend.”

But, why isn’t the ambulance coming? And where in the world am I?


"How are you going to protect me when you cry so easily?’


Endless list of favorite otps → Soo Hyun x Dong Chan (God’s Gift)

Ajumma, I’m a bit disappointed in you. Having gone through that yourself, how could you lift a knife to a child? How are you any different from those bastards?

- Are you crazy? I’m a mother too!

What? It was a banana?!